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Why Aren’t There More Women Poker Stars?

Viewing the WSOP on ESPN consistently, the show overplays the couple of outstanding ladies in the occasion. Perhaps a pokerbo couple of ladies make a profound run, yet a lady hasn’t been at a headliner, last table since Barbara Enright in 2005.


Here are my contemplations:

  1. Before poker got well known on TV, the game was played by men. So men have an edge in understanding.

But…Women can increase a great deal of understanding by playing on the web and live occasions today, and a couple have gotten through to win a couple of huge occasions. Annie Duke, Jen Harmon and Kathy Liebert are top players and presumably pull in other ladies to the game.

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  1. Poker competitions are a numbers game. There might be a 90%/10% split between men/ladies contestants.

There are such a large number of more men, that it makes sense that men will win more occasions. Today, when I viewed the WSOP the hosts were considering pretty much every player a star. I haven’t the foggiest what comprises a professional any longer. I get it’s somebody who says they play a great deal of poker and don’t make some full memories work.

  1. Poker competitions are regularly won by the forceful players. Men might be increasingly forceful ordinarily. Hell, the truth of the matter is that men are more forceful than ladies presumably because of science and our condition.
  2. Ladies just competitions might be keeping the ladies poker players down. The game isn’t about physical abilities – we are not contrasting the NBA with the WNBA. The game is about individuals, chips, wagering designs, cards, and so on. To improve your poker game you have to play against players who are superior to you, not just ladies players who are as acceptable or more awful than you.

Ladies Players Should Win More Events

My experience against ladies poker players is that most ladies play ABC poker. They figure out how to play a tight forceful or tight detached game- – the two of which are extremely simple to exploit in the long haul in a competition.

Be that as it may, I likewise find that when I play against a decent ladies poker player it is substantially more hard for me to get a tell. It might be that I expect that ladies feign less, are progressively unsurprising and hence, I don’t give a lot of consideration to their game. My speculation is that most men do a similar with regards to ladies.

Actually, I realize that men make a decent attempt to muscle ladies out of pots with their raises. (The main special case is in real money games- – where folks are suckers to ladies who are sight to behold, and a person won’t make that additional raise or he will simply disclose to her she is beat to set aside her cash. I need to concede, I’ve done this once or twice…)

By and large, I accept that the following incredible competition poker player ought to be a lady. It is additionally why I accept with only a touch of training I could even transform a lady poker player into an incredible player.

Possibly the following incredible poker TV show ought to be one where you get twelve hopeful ladies poker players, and they get instructed how to play at the most elevated levels. Possibly you lock them in a house for 30 days, and a group of people finds a good pace off individually.


In the event that you are a ladies poker player, consider the game from the angle of winning players. Break down your game more. Escape your customary range of familiarity. You have an edge against numerous men who expel your aptitudes. Men will attempt to drive you to crease. Men will likewise accept your pre-flop raises and huge wagers. Utilize that information to further your potential benefit.

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